Daddy - Perez Black Jock


If you want to do some physical activity and want to participate in a workout session then this Daddy Jockstrap is for you. This men's jockstrap underwear consists of a comfortable, very elastic, and stylish waistband and it gives a nice fit to the body of the wearer. The leg band goes through the back and is connected to the pouch. There is a color contrast vertical strip that enhances the look on the pouch with three buttons on it. On the sides of this mens jockstrap underwear, the color contrast piping looks very enticing and erotic. This mens jockstraps gives uplift so it is also ideal to carry when you are planning to make your partner intimate get with you. The pouch is particularly designed to keep your jewels secure. This men's erotic underwear is perfect to wear when you want to enjoy your exercise or game sessions. It leaves your buttocks to flaunt, and gives your bottoms a perfect form. This mens sexy jockstrap The pouch is made of a solid fabric that gives a bulge to the underneath assets. 

  • Polyamide, Spandex

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