Whether we talk about boxer briefs, trunks, or strings, it’s undeniable that fashion for men’s underwear has changed radically since the 1900s. It has evolved from a full-on one-piece suit to a piece of clothing that covers only men’s private parts. Despite the variety of styles, it can be confusing and difficult to figure out which flatters you the most and which meets your needs. This guide will help you find the perfect underwear for a perfect fit.

The Classic

BriefsOne of the oldest undergarment styles that has survived is the brief. Not your father’s or grandfather’s version of tighty whities … the 2.0 model is much more attractive, supporting, and comfortable. It fits with almost anything you wear and it now comes in a wide range of lengths and colors.

Offering full coverage, the brief leaves your upper thigh and legs exposed. However, support is its most notable feature. Eliminating friction between your boys and your legs, the brief has a firm hold to keep everything in place no matter what you’re doing. Its Y shape takes on the form of your body.

Therefore, it is a wonderful fit for men with muscular thighs or those who are well endowed. Contrary to boxer briefs, the Classic isn’t too tight between the legs during movements.

Almost Nude

Strings and Thongs

Strings or thongs constitute the type of underwear that covers the least. Their minimalist cut underlines athletic musculature and masculine attire. This category includes subcategories.

The bikini partially hides your buttocks. The side seam is about an inch. Thongs have a small piece of fabric on the behind, but they don’t hide anything. Then there’s the extreme bareness of the G-string. Finally, the jockstrap looks like the G-string in almost every way except it has two elastics that run around each side of your bottom and a pocket to protect your manhood.

Thongs and strings make everything down there as plain as the nose on one’s face. They are a great choice to fit muscular men, but they can also highlight the extra weight.

Loosely loosely

Loose fit short underwears

Men’s boxers are basically underwear shorts. They let you enjoy freedom. With an inseam of 5 inches, this saggy apparel can cause friction but provide the most breathability. For lack of support, this undergarment is typically worn at home while relaxing or sleeping.

Boxers don’t have elasticized leg openings, which means they hang loosely on your thighs, making them appear larger than they really are. This style makes fit and muscular men look great, but it emphasizes some parts you may not want to draw attention to.

The Hybrid

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs combine the close fit of briefs and the length of men’s boxers. The extra fabric covers most of the thighs while offering support and great comfort. They are not too tight, exposing, or loose; they fit just right. Their inseam is about 5 or 6 inches. The longer legs provide more freedom of movement and don’t tend to roll up.

This type of undergarment is the most versatile. Convenient for work, for sports, or just for hanging around, it suits every man. Tall men or those with muscular buttocks will stand out in this type of underwear.

The in-Between


Men’s trunks meet briefs and boxer briefs halfway. Offering almost the same coverage as the classic tighty whities, they’re a little longer, making them similar to boxer briefs. Their inseam is approximately 2 to 4 inches. This style has a perfectly square shape and goes with any kind of attire.

Since trunks are shorter than boxer briefs, they don’t necessarily complement larger men. They also tend to roll up, forcing you to put them back into place over and over again, sometimes unconsciously, creating awkward moments.

Let’s face it... they look great on men with thin legs!

The Everlasting Boxer Brief

Long Boxer Brief

The long boxer brief has an inseam of 9 inches, is slim fitted, and offers support. Mainly sporty men wear them during training to eliminate friction between their legs.

The Newbie

Pouch Underwear

At last, there’s a new type of underwear taking over the market that combines the virtues of almost every other style of underclothing. The pouch boxer briefs is the piece of garment you really have to try! Adding the pouch to the boxer brief offers the snugness of the brief, the length of the men’s boxer, the coverage of the boxer brief, while introducing the best support.

The pouch allows you to take a load off your boys, while protecting them from any friction. It holds everything in place, keeping your thighs from rubbing against each other. The inseam is between 5 and 6 inches long.

This pouch underwear is becoming the #1 choice of many men. It’s great for any body type and supports you throughout your daily activities.

With all this information in mind, let’s establish the type of underwear that suits you best.

  • For slimmer men: Loose undergarments will make you look even skinnier. Tight undies are the best. Trunks sit perfectly on your thighs to make your legs look bigger.
  • For tall fellows, 6 feet and over: Go with boxer briefs. If you go shorter than that, you’ll just look even taller and make your legs seem longer. Covering your thighs won’t have this effect.
  • For short guys: Contrary to tall guys, you should go for briefs to avoid covering your legs, which would make you lose a few inches in height.
  • For physically imposing gentlemen: Underwear that ends mid-thigh will enhance your best attires while covering some details you might want to hide.

Now that you know how to choose your style of underwear, it’s time to talk about fabrics and what they have to offer!

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